INNOSPEC is a global speciality Chemicals Company focused on bringing to market innovative new Technologies combined with fast and responsive service.

TNR Foreign Trade Co.Ltd has been exclusively representing INNOSPEC in Turkey and providing its products to all refineries in Turkey (Tüpraş İzmit, Izmir, Kırıkkale, Batman refineries and STAR Refinery), leading Fuel Distributor Companies, some Chemical Companies and other respectable customers.

Innospec provides;

  • Fuel Lubricity Improvers
  • Additives for Renewable Fuels,
  • Cold Flow Improver,
  • Cetane Number Improvers,
  • Lubricant Additives,
  • Octane Number Improvers,
  • Drag Reducer Additives,
  • Multifunctional Gasoline Formulations,
  • Anti Valve-Seat-Recession Additives,
  • Multifunctional Diesel Formulations,
  • Industrial Detergents & Cleaners,
  • PLUTOcen Specialties,
  • Fuel Antioxidants,
  • Fuel Conductivity Improvers,
  • Corrosion Inhibitors,
  • Fuel Oil Additives,
  • Dyes & Markers,
  • Metal Deactivators,
  • Stabilisers and Dispersants,
  • Combustion Catalysts,
  • Power Corrosion Inhibitors,
  • Gas Turbine Additives,
  • Special Power Additives.